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Karni Mata Temple – The Rat Temple in India

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There is a few Karni Mata temples in Rajasthan in India. However, the temple of Karni Mata in Deshnok, a town close to Bikaner, is the only one of that kind – it’s the temple of rats. Rats in India Attitudes towards rats vary a lot in India. Similarly like in Europe they have been associated with dirt and epidemics. In the year 2000 in Mumbai there was a campaign in which people where paid 5 rupees for each rat they killed. It was aimed to reduce the spread of diseases. Another problem with rats is that they damage crops.…

Vegan condoms

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Vegan cuisine is popular in the mainstream now, vegan shoes are not hard to find either, but do people ever consider vegan condoms? And opposite, do people consider the fact that most condoms are not vegan? History of condoms There is no consensus between archaeologists as to whether condoms were used in ancient cultures and what they were made from. There may be some examples of devices from ancient Egypt that are similar to condoms but mainly had a decorative function. Also, there are recorded cases from Japan and China of the use of glans condoms made out of either…

Are animal products heathy?

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Polityka, Polish biggest selling weekly magazine published an interesting article on bad quality of food. It is not explicitly written, but the text covers only animal products, mainly meat. Antibiotics in meat A large part of the article regards antibiotics that are given to animals in factory farming. Antibiotics help animals to breed quicker or give more eggs. However, as long as forty years ago Professor Michael Swann was warning that such a practice might lead to the creation of superbacteria resistant to antibiotics. His projection is becoming more of a reality today. The European Medicines Agency (EMEA) now issues…