Polityka, Polish biggest selling weekly magazine published an interesting article on bad quality of food. It is not explicitly written, but the text covers only animal products, mainly meat.

Antibiotics in meat

A large part of the article regards antibiotics that are given to animals in factory farming. Antibiotics help animals to breed quicker or give more eggs. However, as long as forty years ago Professor Michael Swann was warning that such a practice might lead to the creation of superbacteria resistant to antibiotics. His projection is becoming more of a reality today. The European Medicines Agency (EMEA) now issues a notice that antibiotic resistant bacteria in animal farms can mutate. The World Health Organisation confirms that these bacteria are consumed by humans through the consumption of meat.

Polityka 40.2015 Are meat, fish and eggs healthy?

Animal products and obesity epidemic

Factory farming is directly connected with obesity epidemic. Professor Michale Crawford proofed that meat of animals that are breed on factory farming systems  is of the worse quality and has more fat and less nutritional value. The case of eggs is analogical – free range eggs have twice more vitamin E and three times more beta-carotene than battery cage eggs.

Fish is also not good

Apparently even fish that used to have such a good reputation within health freaks is not safe anymore. Majority of fish consumed these days comes from farms and consists synthetics, colourants and medicines. Even ocean fish like Norwegian salmon are bred in big cages placed in the sea and are fed with artificial food. Also, they are bathed in chemicals to remove pests that live in the natural environment that would be normally removed during migrations for egg laying. 

The article is well researched. Joanna Solska, the author, refers to respected medical journal „The Lancet” as well as „New Scientist”. Also, Farmagedon by Philipa Lymbery, the book that I am going to review in one of the following posts, is quoted.

Cover, Polityka 40.2015 · 29.09.2015, Nasza Pasza article Vegan revolution

Of course, personally I think that it would be the best to resign from animal products totally, not only for health but mainly for ethical reasons. However, I am aware that vegan revolution won’t come tomorrow. This is why for both animal welfare as well as for people’s health I support actions like those headed by the organisation mentioned in the article Compasion in World Farming whose goal is to improve farm animals welfare.