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Challenges of the fall season – why I stay away from wool, leather and down

Vegan coat, suitcase and boots

Coat without down or wool I found my perfect winter coat in COS, which is the higher-end brand of H&M group. What is important to me, despite the fact that H&M manufactures in developing countries, where workers’ rights and those concerning environmental protection doesn’t exist or aren’t enforced, it is usually assessed quite well on the lists of ethical manufacturers (Ethical Consumer, The Good Shopping Guide). Also in the context of animal-friendliness H&M looks not so bad. It is marked with “A like Awesome” by PETA. This category does not imply that the manufacturer completely resigns from animal materials, but…

Don’t judge a book by its cover. Vendula London bag. Irregular Choice shoes.

Irregular Chocie vegan shoes, Vendula London vegan bag

 Shoes: Irregular Choice is not a vegan brand, however they started a line of vegan shoes. They explicitly say on their website that it was caused by a popular demand for shoes which contain non leather or animal based products.           Bag: I’ve already presented Vendula London bag on this blog a while ago. I love their quirky designs and even more the fact that they use only animal friendly fabrics. Moja ulubiona seria Vendula London:

Beyond Skin Shoes

nieskórzane wegańskie buty baletki firmy Beyond Skin

I saw Beyond Skin ad on Facebook a few times and as I needed new summer shoes I finally made my first purchase with them. My parcel came in two days in beautiful recycled hot pink box, wrapped in delicate pink tissue paper – recycled as well. When I buy shoes on the internet I’m usually concerned about the size. This time there was no problem, ordering my regular size turned out to be perfect hit. Founders of Beyond Skin came up with the idea in 2001. They were motivated by similar reasons to why I started this blog –…

Leather – Naturally Luxurious?

Laura Vandervoort w kampani Peta zachęcającej do zaprzestania noszenia skór zwierząt egzotycznych

I wonder why people are so keen to buy natural leather. On the one hand leather products are everywhere, and sometimes it is difficult to find their non-leather counterparts, but on the other hand, natural leather is considered exclusive. High-end car’s interiors, handbags and furniture are often associated with natural leather. Dolce & Gabbana, Fendi and that Donna Situation looks similar in the world of fashion. For many people decent bags or shoes must be made of natural leather. In the popular high street chains we’d get both natural leather and leatherette products, but it’s really not easy to find…

Leather, pleather or Pinatex?


My attitude towards leather and meat changed in the same way. In my early childhood when I learnt where they come from I just refused to eat meat and didn’t want to wear leather. Each time I was buying shoes I was asking a shop assistant whether they’re made of natural leather. Usually I received enthusiastic reassurance that of course they are. And I was done with shopping. Thank you very much, goodbye. These days I know where I can buy faux leather shoes. But what concerns me is that it is believed faux leather is not environmentally friendly. Animals…