Wegański szampon i wegańska odżywka JĀSÖN

A year ago I had no idea that the majority of cosmetics I use contains ingredients of animal origin (the most popular are keratin and lanolin). Although I find it difficult to replace some products I’ve been using for years, I make an effort to buy only vegan cosmetics. I would like to publish here reviews of those ones that I already tried on myself. One of the first vegan cosmetics I consciously bought were shampoo and conditioner JĀSÖN Aloe vera. The company – JĀSÖN JĀSÖN Company was founded in 1959, in California, where they produce cosmetics up until now.…

wegańskia torebka Vendula London

  There are plenty of non-leather bags in chain stores  that go well with everyday outfits. However, when I was looking for a vegan bag to carry at a very special event, I struggled a lot. I remembered that once with my friends we were passing a shop in Brussels and even though we were going to a bar (the situation when you usually try not to prolong the journey) we stopped look at some really cool bags in a shop window display. I made sure to take note of the company name,’ Vendula’ before we set off on our…

  Karen Duve decides to conduct an experiment: for two months she will be eating just organic products, then for the same period she will go vegetarian, vegan and fruitarian. It’s especially interesting as she is overweight with various health problems and up until now she has been eating mostly ready-made meals and drinking coke. The author shares her experience in an accessible and engaging way. She describes the advantages of each diet with regard to her health, animals and the environment. She is surprised to learn that sometimes the better quality food is only a little more expensive than…