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The end of summer – veggie afternoon at the Borough Market

  In the last days of summer I went to Borough Market in London for a vegan treat. A market full colourful veggies and fruits also turned out to be a perfect place to photoshoot my summery bag from Vendula London. Borough Market  During the weekdays Borough Market is very popular lunch spot amongst the employees of nearby offices and on Saturdays it crowded with tourists.  Many stalls here offer vegan and vegetarian options (I recommend especially the Ethiopian injera), there are also totally vegetarian and vegan ones, including the totally vegan burger place.  I wrote about Vendula before presenting a…

Vegan bags – Vendula London

wegańskia torebka Vendula London

  There are plenty of non-leather bags in chain stores  that go well with everyday outfits. However, when I was looking for a vegan bag to carry at a very special event, I struggled a lot. I remembered that once with my friends we were passing a shop in Brussels and even though we were going to a bar (the situation when you usually try not to prolong the journey) we stopped look at some really cool bags in a shop window display. I made sure to take note of the company name,’ Vendula’ before we set off on our…