There are plenty of non-leather bags in chain stores  that go well with everyday outfits. However, when I was looking for a vegan bag to carry at a very special event, I struggled a lot.

I remembered that once with my friends we were passing a shop in Brussels and even though we were going to a bar (the situation when you usually try not to prolong the journey) we stopped look at some really cool bags in a shop window display. I made sure to take note of the company name,’ Vendula’ before we set off on our way. Later,  as I recalled the route we took,  I went back there full of hope and spotted it – my perfect bag! All shaking as I approached the shop counter (not only because I was trying out my French skills, but mostly because I was scared of what the answer would be) I asked the crucial question to the sales person: “what material is it made of?”, and what a relief! It wasn’t leather!

Vegan purse

A couple of weeks after I got my cute box bag I was sure I wanted a purse to go with it, I eventually purchased the purse from the same company in the same style as the box bag. Even when I carry the purse in a different bag it brings smile on my face every time I take it out to use.

Me sitting with my faux leather back in a vintage style cafe

A picture of me with my vegan purse in a vintage cafe

Me with my vegan Vendula London bag with a vintage radio in the background

I don’t like the idea of buying a bag just for special occasions that I would enjoy only a couple of times a year. What I love about my box bag is that I felt good using it as part of a wedding outfit, the fact that it will go with a range of  vintage styles  and that you can pack your treasures in it for a for a relaxing day out.

With my vegan bag on a city beach

Chillin' in the sun with the cupcake vegan Vendula London bag

I was so excited about my new ‘companions’ that I started little research about Vendula London. They manufacture original colourful bags, rucksacks, iPhone cases, glass cases, makeup bags. Their designs show joys of daily life picturing scenes from shops or cafes. Their patterns are filled with animals and flowers. 

And most importantly, all their products are manufactured from animal-friendly faux leather and bright synthetics.

CAFE-B-1You can check out the variety of their funky bags and order them online from the Vendula London website. Definitely my favourite choices are crazy box bags.

For people based in Poland the better option would be to visit the Me’amoore shop in Warsaw on Mokotowska street 26 or order a bag from their internet store.

And I got my cupcake bag from Amadeus shop in Brussels, rue de Namur 65.